Scottsdale AZ is Universal Helicopter’s corporate headquarters. We are located on Scottsdale Airport KSDL on the Third Floor of the Air Commerce Center 14605 N Airport Drive. UHI operates from the Universal Ramp at the south end of the airport, and we have our own Maintenance facilities and hangars adjacent to the Ramp.

Arizona is world renowned for its sunny climate and great flying weather. We boast 360 flying days per year and even if the weather is bad it seldom lasts more than a few hours allowing us almost un-interrupted flying year round. Scottsdale, a Class D Towered airport, is located underneath the Phoenix Class B airspace and within a 30-mile radius there are many suitable airports and areas for training and a range of instrument approaches for our instrument students. The area is rich with cross-country destinations particularly Sedona airport with its spectacular surrounding red rock formations. Grand Canyon at over 6600 feet above mean sea level 140(n) miles to the north is well worth a visit.