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advanced training courses

Turbine conversionCertificate


  • 20 hours dual
  • 40 hours Ground
  • Pre & Post Flight Briefings – R66 / BH206BIII

Autorotation & Full down refresher trainingCertificate


  • Hold at least a Private Pilot Certificate Helicopter with PIC sign off in the R22 or R44.
  • This is refresher training – only for R22 & R44 certificated Pilots.
  • Includes 1 hour of ground and 2 – 5 hours of flight.
  • Includes straight in, 180 and full down autorotations.

Mountain/ high altitudeCertificate

Our Mountain/High altitude training is conducted in our Prescott and Provo Locations.

  • Training can be completed under our 141 course or can be personalized for your specific needs.
  • Mountain/High altitude training can be conducted in the R44/R66/206BII or your personal helicopter. Contact us for more information and to schedule.