Pamela Ballew

Pamela is a native of Texas that relocated to Prescott in 2011, where she started as a Temporary Receptionist at Universal Helicopters Prescott location. Pamela was brought on permanently and promoted to Executive Secretary to the President within the first year. The following year, she was promoted to Director of Human Resources, Payroll and Administrative […]

John Lewis

John started his training in 2004 at UHI’s Provo, Utah location and graduated from Universal’s professional pilot program in Scottsdale in 2005. Since then he has provided flight instruction in our Scottsdale AZ, Prescott AZ, Salina KS, and Camarillo CA locations. John eventually took over and managed the Flight Instructor program firstly at UHI’s Scottsdale […]

Dr. Gordon Jiroux, hc

Gordon is widely considered to be one of the most knowledgeable and skilled professionals within the helicopter training industry. He completed his helicopter private, commercial and CFI ratings at Pacific Wing & Rotor (PWR) of Long Beach California in 1981. It was at PWR, the first flight school in the world to receive a Robinson […]

Danny Mackenzie

Chief Operations Officer of Universal Flight Concepts. Universal Flight Concepts is the holding company of four organizations encompassing Universal Helicopters (the only Bell Certified Training Facility in the U.S.), Universal Fixed Wing, Night Flight Concepts and Heliwagon. Danny Mackenzie graduated from Universal Helicopter’s (UHI) full time Rotorcraft-Helicopter Professional Pilot Program 18 years ago and distinguished […]

Matt Hewlett

Matt Hewlett also known as “Hewy” is the director of operations for Universal Helicopters Provo campus. Matt has been with Universal Helicopters since 2003. He completed his flight training at the Universal Helicopters Provo campus. Matt initially began his flight training as a “hobby” and quickly discovered he had a deep passion for Helicopter Flight. […]

Dustin Suchor

Dustin is a graduate of UHI’s professional pilot program, having joined the program in July 2003 and graduated as a Commercial Pilot and Certified Flight Instructor for Rotorcraft Helicopter and Instrument Helicopter in July 2004. Dustin came to Universal with a fixed wing private certificate. He has an Associates in Science degree from Scottsdale Community […]