Wallace Ashcroft

Wallace started his training with Universal Helicopters at the Prescott location in October of 2009. Since his start he has continually advanced. Wallace quickly gained a position as a check pilot then, shortly, as an Assistant Chief Instructor. He has also worked directly for the President of the company regarding instructor progress and qualification and […]

Dave Siddoway

Dave started his flying career at Universal Helicopters Provo location in 2005. He initially worked as a flight instructor at the Provo location but was quickly moved to a position as an assistant Director of Operations and Assistant Chief Instructor. Dave left Universal Helicopters and moved to Las Vegas with Papillon as a tour pilot […]

Joe Vaughan

Joe is an experienced aviator. He began his flight career at 18 when he purchased a Cessna 150. At that point in his life, he knew he was in love with flying. At age 19 he paid for training in the Robinson R22 out of curiosity and at that is when he knew he preferred […]