Joshua has always had an interest in aviation. Growing up he watched aircraft at a local airport and hoped to fly. He started his training with UHI at the Provo location in 2009 and became and instructor in 2011. Since then Joshua has graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Aviation Science. Joshua was made a check pilot and shortly after an Assistant Chief Pilot in Universal Helicopters 141 program. He currently holds an ATP Rotorcraft Helicopter with CFI and CFII, he is an advanced Ground instructor and has well over 4000 hours of flight with the majority as flight instruction.

“I enjoy sharing my love of aviation with others who share a passion for flying. I always had an interest in flying and aviation. Growing up I lived near the South Valley Regional Airport just south of Salt Lake City and always hoped to fly one day. Flight training sort of found me. When I realized I had a skill and knack for flying and that my ability to teach was improving, I made flight instructing more of a lifelong pursuit rather than a means to an end. I am always trying to discover better and more efficient ways to help students through the learning hurdles and plateaus.”

Joshua enjoys spending time off with his family, he loves Fly-fishing, backcountry snowboarding, rock climbing and just being outdoors