Eric is a graduate of UHI’s Professional Pilot program, having started his training in Long Beach in January 2007. He completed his Flight Instructor Instrument training at Scottsdale in August of that year and immediately started work for UHI as a flight instructor. In May 2009 he moved to the Prescott school location becoming a Part 141 instructor then Check Pilot. In 2011 Eric took leadership of the “Center of Excellence” for the initial helicopter Flight Instructor program. In 2011 was also selected as Safety Officer for the Prescott school location and was appointed Prescott Assistant Chief Instructor at the beginning of 2012. Eric has been an essential part of UHI management working with our commercial and flight instructor students and ultimately our instructors to maintain continuity in training to ensure our pilot graduates and instructors are skilled and proficient. Eric has 12 years as a helicopter instructor, 6300 hours of flight and an Associates of Applied Science degree. His main goal for his career is to remain incident/crash free. Outside of work, Eric enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters, watching movies, the great outdoors, and mountain biking.