Dave started his flying career at Universal Helicopters Provo location in 2005. He initially worked as a flight instructor at the Provo location but was quickly moved to a position as an assistant Director of Operations and Assistant Chief Instructor. Dave left Universal Helicopters and moved to Las Vegas with Papillon as a tour pilot in 2010 where he was a lead pilot, 135 check airman and ultimately Training Director. In 2013 Dave returned to Universal Helicopters in Prescott as an Assistant Chief Pilot and Director of Operations. In 2014 Dave was designated as a Pilot Examiner in helicopters and currently manages flight operations at the Prescott location. Dave chose instruction because he enjoys teaching and he loves to see students gain and improve skills. “In training, you get to see someone move from not knowing anything about a helicopter to being an instructor that is helping someone else through the process. That is more satisfying than any other type of flying in my opinion”. With more than 12 years of flight instruction and years of practical experience Dave brings skill and qualification to Universal Helicopters. In addition Dave holds a Bachelor’s degree in Aviation and Associate’s degrees in Aviation Management and Aviation Safety from Utah Valley University. In his personal time he likes to spend time with his wife and family, he loves to be outdoors and doing activities that challenge him.