Prescott AZ is Universal Helicopter’s center of excellence for Flight Instructor and Night Vision Goggle training. As well as providing Part 141 and 61 Private, Commercial and Instrument training, all students requiring Night Vision Goggles training will attend our Prescott location. While requiring these students to complete their training at Prescott may seem like an imposition, this experience differentiates our graduates from other schools and substantially improves their ability to get the top jobs after they complete their training.

There are many flight schools that boast of special Mountain Training or High Altitude Training courses. Since opening our Prescott location in the first half of 2008, all graduates of both FAA Flight Instructor and Flight Instructor Instrument certificates have carried out their training under high density altitude conditions, an experience that most pilots can only pay extra to achieve.

Prescott AZ is located some 75 nautical miles north of Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport in the Arizona High Desert at 5000ft above mean sea level. This makes it the ideal location for High Altitude and Mountain training and as a result, students training at Prescott have important experience learning and flying at high density altitudes.

Arizona is world renowned for its sunny climate and great flying weather. We boast 360 flying days per year and even if the weather is bad it seldom lasts more than a few hours allowing us almost un-interrupted flying year round. Prescott is a Class D Towered airport with great training facilities and a wide range of instrument approaches for our instrument students. The area is rich with cross-country destinations particularly Sedona airport with its spectacular surrounding red rock formations and Flagstaff at over 7000 ft above mean sea level. Grand Canyon at over 6600 feet above mean sea level is only 90 nautical miles to the north.