The difference between training under Part 61 and Part 141 can be difficult for a new student unfamiliar with Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs) to understand.

CFR 14 Part 61 of the FARs outlines the requirements and standards for pilot certificates and ratings. Any Certified Flight Instructor may conduct training under Part 61.

CFR 14 Part 141 of the FARs is a set of requirements and standards for certified flight schools.

Becoming a Part 141 Certified Flight School comes with a long list of requirements, standards, and procedures for your school’s curriculum, personnel, facility, and aircraft. As a student at a Part 141 school, you will be subject to a more rigid training structure with optimized curriculum, efficient scheduling, and professional personnel.

There are many benefits to training under Part 141 certificates, and it is often preferred by our career-oriented students. Training under our optimized Part 141 certificates allows capable students to train at an accelerated pace and acquire their certificates and ratings in fewer total flight hours while ensuring a very high standard of training. Receiving your Commercial Pilot Certificate from a Part 141 school is also necessary for pilots wishing to apply for a Restricted Airline Transport Pilot Certificate (R-ATP), receiving your ATP certificate in fewer than 1500 hours.

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