Bell 206 BIII JetRanger

The Bell 206 is a family of two bladed, single-engine helicopters originally introduced to the commercial market place in 1967 as the Bell 206A. The 206B III JetRanger was introduced in 1977 with a modified tail rotor and more powerful Allison 250 C20 engine and became the mainstay single engine turbine helicopter around the world for over 20 years. Like the R22, R44 and R66, the Bell 206 is a two bladed semi-rigid rotor system. It seats 5 with a cruise speed of up to 110 knots burning 28 gallons per hour of Jet A1.

The single bladder tank has a capacity of 91 gallons. Over 7300 Bell 206 helicopters were manufactured and production of new 206B III helicopters stopped in 2010. Universal Helicopters uses the Bell 206B III for turbine transitions and turbine training. Training can be taken either as part of the Commercial Course or as a stand-alone Part 141 course.