Course Pre-Requisites

  • Hold or obtain at least a third class medical certificate
  • Hold an FAA Private Pilot Certificate or higher, with appropriate ratings or the equivalent licenses issued by a foreign military or regulatory agency.
  • Have a logbook endorsement to act as a Pilot in Command while using Night Vision Goggles from an authorized instructor per 14 CFR 61.31(k).
  • Have completed SFAR 73-1 2. (b) (2) (a) Awareness Training in the R44.
  • Meet SFAR 73-1 2. (b) (2) (b) Aeronautical Experience requirements in the R44.

FAA Requirements

  • Obtain necessary dual instruction and ground training until the standards are met.
  • Pass UHI written examination and oral check
  • Pass a UHI Flight Check

Minimum Times

2.5 Hours Dual – Flight Check Included

4 Hours Ground